Habib Khan Saraswati Temple and Gurukul Presents
Ganda Bandhan Concert
Solo Debut Sitar Recital by
Esha Shrivastava

September 9th, 3:30PM
Mission City Center for Performing Arts
3250 Monroe St, Santa Clara, CA 95051

Program Guide

About Esha's Sitar

Esha Shrivastava

Esha is a rising freshman in Mountain View High School. She has been learning Sitar for the past 7 years from Pandit Habib Khan. In addition, she has been learning the Indian classical dance form of Kathak from Smt. Anuradha Nag for the past 7 years.

Hindustani classical music

It is the Hindustani or North Indian style of Indian classical music which is sometimes called Shāstriya Sangīt. It is a tradition that has been evolving since the 12th century CE, in North India and to some extent in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan. Today, it is one of the two sub-genres of Indian classical music, the other being Carnatic music, the classical tradition of South India.

Ganda Bandhan

The formal relationship between guru and disciple in Hindustani classical music tradition is established through a ritual called “Ganda Bandhan” or “thread-tying ceremony”. Usually, a disciple learns from a guru for many years before Ganda Bandhan is performed. As part of the Ganda Bandhan ceremony, disciple presents a solo debut concert.