Invocation Ganapati Vandana by Anya Shrivastava

Raag Bheem palasi – 10 Minutes 

Anya will start with a Ganapati Vandana composed by Pandit Habib Khan in Raag Bheempalasi as the invocation for the concert.

This Raag is usually sung in the afternoon just around the time Anya is scheduled to sing the Ganapati Vandana.

Solo Hindustani Vocal Debut Concert by Esha Shrivastava

Raag Madhuvanti – 45 Minutes

This original composition by Pandit Habib Khan is based on the raag Madhuvanti. Madhu literally means honey. It is a very sweet raga with a very simple philosophy of love.

The Raag is usually sung or played during late evening.

Raag Pahadi – 15 Minutes

Raga Pahadi is a popular raga based on folk music. As its name suggests, it originates from the mountainous region of Himalayas. It resembles two other ragas which exude the rich cultural heritage of folk music: Mand from the Rajasthan region and Pilu from the Hindi heartland.

Raag Pahadi is usually sung in evening.

Raag Bhairvi – 20 Minutes

Raga Bhairavi is an ancient raga, originating about 1500 years ago.

Bhairavi is also called an evergreen raga, since there are innumerable ways to perform the raga. Most of the artists add vivadis (grace notes), to embellish the flavor of the raga. Most of the famous songs sung by KL Saigal are in this raga.

Raag Bhairavi is usually sung early in the morning. It is generally the final piece in a performance.